Financial Aid

MCDTC's accepted applicants may apply for a "SELF LOAN" through the State of Minnesota to help cover a portion of their tuition. The maximum loan amount this "SELF LOAN" may award to students of MCDTC is limited to $7500. An enrolled MCDTC student may obtain an apllication by contacting us at (218) 829-1191. 
Students who register for this course through Central Lakes College (CLC) may qualify for some grants and/or financial aid. Please be informed that grants/financial aid are only available to be used to pay for credits at CLC, and are by no means available to pay for any/all of tution due to MCDTC. Enrolled students will have to contact CLC's registration office at (218) 855-8000 to find out more about what they have to offer. Registering for this course through CLC greatly increases the overall tution and if a student doesn't qualify for any grants/financial aid it's cheaper to register directly through MCDTC. If you should take this course through the college you must still register with us to reserve a place for you in the class you want.