Commercial Diver/Tender Course

The commercial Diver/Tender Course includes the introduction to Commerical Diving apparatus, air manifold, operations, diver dress in, dress out procedures, dive station selection, various tender techniques, O.S.H.A commercial diving regulations, safety procedures and protocol. Some fundemental commercial proceduers are also studied, hand tool techniques, out of air emergency procedure, dive station duties, selecting proper diving equipment, helment/band masks and their uses, establishing underwater work centers, orientation to surface supplied deep diving, multiple in-water operations, underwater inspections, basic oxygen administration, hyperbaric chamber operation and equipment care and maintenance. Also there will be an introduction to underwater welding and burning and an overview of non-destructive testing methods. 

How long is the course?

Courses are 11 weeks long:

Monday - Saturday (10 hours a day - 60 hours per week)

The hours and length of course have been set to meet ADCI's requirement of 625 hours of training in order for students to earn their ADCI Entry Level Diver/Tender Certification. 

2017 Course Schedule can be found on the Home Page

What certifications are recieved upon completion of course?
  •  ADCI Entry level Tender/Diver Certification (Association of Diving Contractors International). This certification is necessary in order for graduates to work commercial diving in the United States, but it is not accepted in all other countries.
  • DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) International Restricted Surface Supplied Diver Certification.  This certification is accepted world-wide.
  • DSI Dive Lab (Dive Systems International) Superlite Helmet Maintenance Technician certification
  • TDI and PADI  Nitrox I
  • TDI Advanced Nitrox
  • PADI and TDI Nitrox Gas Blender
  • American Red Cross: O2 Provider
  • American Heart Association: Emergency First Responder
    • CPR
    • First Aid

About the Certifications:

In order to be qualified to do commercial diving in the United States and its territories one must earn the ADCI certification. Furthermore, in order to work in Canada, England, Norway, Australia, South Africa and many other parts of the world one needs to earn the DCBC International Resctricted Surface Supplied Diver Certification. Both the ADCI and the DCBC certifications may be earned during MCDTC's eleven week (625+ hours) commercial diver training course. 


An item of interest; at this time the DCBC certification is only offered by five commercial diver training schools in the United States, and MCDTC is one of the five.